The illusion of failure

Failure is an illusion

     Failure is fake.  There is no such thing.  The word that strikes fear and self oppression in to the easily startled is not even real.  You cannot fail.  You can attain less than your goal suggested but you cannot fail.  No matter what!!!  I promise you!   “What the hell are you talking about, Wa-Dē?

     To do is to become in some form or another.  Perhaps we fall short but we still advanced from our starting point.  Can you see what I am talking about?  To not start at all is not failure because failure must have a starting position in which to fail from… YET … If you start and don’t reach a wanted goal, you have still moved forward and therefore have not failed either.  FAILURE IS A HOAX, a word for the weak, an excuse for the timid.  FAILURE is nothing more than a safety word for those who need a explanation. “Okay, What’s the point here?!?!?!”


     GO!!! DO!!! Failure is nothing.  It’s very VERY OKAY to not reach a goal just as long as you launched towards it from a starting point, for even the painful feeling of defeat is not FAILURE.  Answer me this… You make an attempt at something and are defeated… If you attempted the same again would you be as easily defeated??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Why then??? Because despite your loss, you have learned and gained in that defeat.

     YOU HAVE SEEN FURTHER AROUND THE CORNER.  You can foretell a bit more of the process than you could the first time through and for that you have increased in wealth.  You did not fail, you have only gained.  Rocky said it best, “It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward.  THAT’S HOW WINNING IS DONE!”

     So do you see it now, that “failure” is that of the fog.  The inner struggle to measure your motivation in attempt for something.  It’s a word that you can choose to abide by or not.  You can choose to disregard its’ malignant contempt and decide for yourself to gain.

     Initialize a starting point and move forward.  Embrace defeat.  We learn more from it than we do reward.  Keep your eyes peeled for what’s around the corner so that when you attempt to achieve greatness again, you know what lies around that same corner and you can be more prepared to make it even further and further and further AND FURTHER!