Societal Grains


     Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades… If all goes as planned, we will have a lot of time on this planet before we become fertilizer.  Our time on this planet is spent experiencing and integrating with that which is all around us.  I live my life in a fashion that allows me the freedom of embracing experiences as they come and in high frequency at that.  In my life I have encountered and interacted with herbivores a few times and have always enjoyed the comestibles of their lifestyle.  As a lifelong meat-eater, I have decided to experiment with this alternate eating lifestyle.  I have been living for a week now without meat, eggs, cheese and dressings.  I have maintained a 3-meal day on only veggies, fruits, nuts, and breads.  You’re reading this so that means I haven’t fell down dead from it either.


     It hasn’t been completely easy but it hasn’t been impossible either.  There have been a time or 2 when my mind has thought “Dude, where the heck did the cheeseburgers go?”, but I have been able to keep it in check.  What I’ve noticed though is that in the beginning of this change, I was eating an enormous amount of food.  My plate would have an enormous salad on it and I would have no problem with chowing down to the bottom of it and pondering a second helping.  As this week has progressed, those serving sizes have progressively fallen naturally and I have inadvertently and accidentally solved an issue that I have been unable to resolve for as long I can remember and that is OVEREATING.  


     As the food continues to stay healthy and my portion size begins to lower, I have also found 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for physical activity.  From CrossFit beat-downs to past the point of just nausea (if you know where I am going with that), to strength training and cardio treadmill treks into no where, I have began to feel that life vitality I once had when I was doing CrossFit and eating perfect back in the day. 


     There truly is value to breaking through our mental and physical barriers on a path to betterment.  This reminds me a lot of that fog I spoke of in my last posting titled, Your Mountain.  As we explore and penetrate our internal limits, we find ourselves in a struggle to experience whatever is passed the fog.  It’s an eerie and thrilling sensation and I am curious to find out if it is in fact an addicting sensation.  What I am finding is that my willpower is increasing with each successful climb through the fog.  What many may call hard-headed is actually willpower.  

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     Recently, I encountered a situation where someone thought of me and hooked me up with a Subway sub when he thought I might not be able to make it to lunch due to current circumstances.  I was in a perplexing situation because the sub looked delicious.  It was a steak and cheese sub and smelled especially well when it was presented to me.  It took nerve, willpower, and some strength to graciously thank my friend but also to apologize for I had to decline his grateful gesture.  I explained that I am currently battling some internal conflicts that have grown within me and the food I eat.  Luckily, that’s as far as it had to go but when I did head towards the dining hall, I realized how much of an important moment that was.  I pushed away something I never would have in the past while, also not letting excuses like “it would be rude to say no to this gift” allow me to tell myself that it’s okay to break protocol just this 1 time.

     Breaking our mental limits makes us stronger and stronger the more limits we break and we really begin to realize just how much control we wield in this 1 lifetime we hold.  You can honestly do anything you want in life and you can say no even when cultural standards would force you to say yes.  It’s okay to go against the grain of societal norms when it’s your happiness that is on the line.  It’s not greed, hard-headedness, or derogatory in any way, despite what another may say to you.  Your happiness is more important than the situation ever is.  I believe I am going to continue on with this experiment and see how I feel about it as time progresses but so far, I AM HAPPY.

Have a fantastic day!



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