Your Mountain

10409348_1514830135405614_3588031057745651421_n       Inch by inch we claw our way to a place where we didn’t think we could get to before we began to start the journey. For what looks so daunting and impossible from afar, slowly begins to become a reality. You will not believe you can accomplish something large until you begin to work for it. The why’s and what’s and what if’s fog the image of success before you ever begin to strive towards it. You are bogged.


As your eyes peer slowly up the mountain that lies before you, you see that you could simply never begin and think about how easy it would be to choose to stay here. This is reality and you are not alone at the bottom of that hole. You are actually surrounded, engulfed, constricted, and being strangled by those who continue to wallow in doubt, despair, excuse, and drug-induced faux realities. But while you stand at the bottom of that hole and look up, you will see a small hazy glimmer of light that fights through the fog. There’s a choice awaiting you and no matter what, you will make a decision. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO STOP or YOU CAN CHOOSE WORK TOWARDS IT.



     When you begin to work for it, you feel excited but quickly after that excitement fades, you will find yourself alone in your mission. As you climb this mountain before you, you feel the bottom dwellers reaching out towards you and begging you to return for they’re scared of loneliness at the bottom, as much as you are now scared of the loneliness as you attempt to climb. You make it up a decent portion despite your fears and their yells of discontent. You hit a jutting out ceiling; an impossible ledge to reach out to. You stop and feel the weight of your current work that has not been acknowledged yet. You look down and can hear the shouts of the familiar pack calling for you to return. You can smell the familiar stench as it begins to surround you. YOU LOOK UP; an impossible wall without a clear view of what is on the other side. YOU HAVE ENCOUNTERED ANOTHER INEVITABLE CHOICE. Is your motivation too weak to close out uncertainty? Is your loneliness to strong and begging for the attention of the familiar? You are at a precipice where many have stood. This is where a dream truly begins to take form.



     You stop looking down and lock your eyes on the wall. The realization that you do not have a choice any longer begins to consume your every cell. THERE IS NO CHOICE. You can only keep going up. YOU LEAP! Your now fragile and brittle fingertips gain traction on the wall’s lip and you feel LIFE for the very first time and it feels curiously sweet. BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND… You begin to lose traction and you feel fear. You feel that you have made a mistake… YOU QUICKLY MAKE A CHOICE… “NO!”, you shout. You are not sure what happens as your brain flashes an instant of pure cognitive bliss and you harness unknown muscle strength to pull your body to your failing hands. The traction seems to hold even though you feel it to be impossible. You swing a foot over and gain a lock. You have hit a hidden perfection. You look downward and hear nothing any longer. The pack below stares quietly at you. Their hands are lowered and their gaze is longing as if they have seen something impossible. You have made it. They stare into the impossible as you once did before you left. They stare up as you turn your head around and complete your vault over into the unknown. YOU STAND and look at your footing on a floor you have never seen before. There’s disbelief and fear mixed with rewarding somber and wonderment. Slowly your eyes climb up the continuous rock before you. The climb is not done. But this time, something has changed in you. You begin to see all the little steps it will take to obtain your goal and you realize that the goal was not daunting or impossible at all. You feel the presence of person and you look up to see an arm stretched out.


     You have never seen this person before. A person that has faded from existence below. A man only known by legend and by want. A man no person on the bottom of the hole believes came from the hole. A man that seems to have been born above the hole. THIS IS WRONG. This is a man who has felt everything you felt before the climb and everything you have felt after your climb. The man is smiling and reaches out for you. You smile back and reach out and feel the embrace of continuous positivity. You climb to his level and he nods for you to press on. He eggs you on with a glance. You both know that there is no choice anymore. The path is before you and you both begin to press on together, talking, living, and enjoying the company. You see clarity above… THE FOG HAS LIFTED? NO!!!! You have lifted… above the fog. As you look down, you no longer see the hole bottom. You can hear a murmur of the crowd below but no actual words stick out as if it is the gathering of a stadium’s noise. A background noise… the reward for your difficult CHOICE. As you press on, you realize that you were tested, sure. You were required to forge ahead but were you actually required? NO! You were not… You CHOSE to feel that way and required yourself to press on because you were motivated enough to choose to succeed in your passion. This is how we all accomplish that which seems impossible and it all starts with that thing, CHOICE. Are you ready to choose?  


If you have made it this far, I want you take a deep look on the people who surround you. Your friends, family, and acquaintances, your coworkers, and your girlfriends… Are they reaching out to you from above, or grasping you from eye level? Are your dreams elsewhere and do you feel discontent? You are at the bottom of a hole and your dreams are somewhere above you, through the fog of your own disbelief. It’s a lonely trek towards them for a point, but as you undress the fears and familiarity of what is comfortable feeling now, you will find comfort further ahead by those who understand what you have gone through since they have as well. THERE ARE HIGHER BEINGS in this world. There are those who see the light because they have fought out of their fog. This is bliss and this is true happiness. Are you ready to make the choice you have been afraid to make for your entire life? Are you ready to find yourself? IF SO, WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU WITH AN OUTSTRETCHED ARMS SOMEWHERE ABOVE.10341411_1515067035381924_3748430197184438148_n



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