Your choices make someone elses

Today was a bit of a downer sort of day. There’s no specific reason and honestly there are more reasons for me to feel joyful than the latter. I come home in just over 3 weeks, I have a new adventure ahead of me, and an amazing family and friends looking forward to catch up with me. Yet, I was down today. However a couple hours ago made a difference.

I watched this video that someone shared on FB today and couldn’t help but continue to watch it over and over. Veiling my sombre face to hide my tears from co-workers eyes, I couldn’t help but feel bittersweet from this Thai commercial.

We live our days among a million others. To be alive this very day is something incredible. How many choices have brought you to this very moment? How many gifts have you received along the way? We may seclude ourselves into a small bubble of familiarity for comfort and safety yet, there are millions of others that share the gift of another day with you. Embrace this fact.

I was walking home from work today as I always do and was asked twice by drivers passing by if I would like a ride. I smiled to them and said “No thank you but thank you very much for offering”. I like my walk home. It’s therapeutic and it is a time for me to be within my thoughts after being surrounded by others all day. But it got me to thinking… I have been asked many times by the same people day in and out if I would like a ride instead of walking. This is the virtue within this video’s message and it warmed my heart when I thought deeper into its message.

Your choices are many and their effects are cascading. For you may not see the effect of your choice, an effect is still occurring. Our choices create connections to others and things. These choices have both positive and negative effects throughout. Think about the choices you make on a daily basis and ask yourself if you are making positive ones. There’s no telling what your choices can do for another. It could be an entire life hanging in the balance. Spread affection towards others and reach out a hand to them. Your hand extends into the life of another and their hand will extend even further.

We make our lives 1 choice at a time and although there may be no way for you to see the difference, sometimes you very well may and the emotions you will receive from that are priceless. Show love.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it.



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