Motivation spawns the Reverberation for Inspiration


     Today I woke up excited for the day.  This has been happening a little more lately due to deciding to push towards attaining my passions.  4am and that old time Metal Gear Solid ringtone chimed letting me know it was time to work a job I didn’t care much for while also reminding me that the day was anew and there was more programming to learn.  My job is what woke me yet my motivation is what drove me up on 2 legs.  

     Coming into work I was motivated to do what I wanted to do, study Objective-C coding.  My morning ritual at work doesn’t hit that passion very well as I have other duties to attend to and others relying on those tasks being completed so they can complete their duties.  Motivation however took hold… and found a way.  As my brain started putting the day’s tasks in order, it also was working dutifully to find a more efficient way to reach completion.  2 steps ahead of every turn, I developed a better means to get from point A to point B and pushed hard as I knew the reward was my time to work on things I cared for dearly.  Shockingly I found an extra hour just for ME.  The trick was though, I was stuck in a vehicle and not in the office. Hmmm…  “Okay ramped up mind, what’s shall we do about that”.

     I turned the car into a mobile studio/classroom.  With an iPad in my lap and a Macbook on the center console, the Inception Movie soundtrack whimsically sailing me into the horizon, I found my CHI.  With no one around and my resources in front of me, I pressed on with my coding lessons.  Today I made a mental breakthrough with something called Pointers in C code.  This had been a task plaguing me for days and somehow in that little Hong Kong built van, the neural bridge that was needed to make cognitive connections from 1 point to another was completed and my synapses were firing at a warp 11 rate, a steady stream of electrical pulses that put 1 and 1 together and made 2.  “I have it!”, I said out loud but unable to hear due to the loud classical tune rattling my eardrums and rendering them fully occupied.  The day was starting off on a good foot and it followed in suit all the way through.

     Our motivations can be a strong force.  They can push us past fake limits that we thought were real.  Motivation has a unique way of finding a way.  The reverberation of this phenomenon may elevate other areas of need in order to find the time and peace to tackle tasks we were brewing up to begin with.  Do not let tasks get in the way of what you really want.  Let the motivation to undertake an activity help route the pathway to that starting line.  “I want to do this so I must use this motivation to will other elements into their needed order to obtain that which I wanted to begin with.”  Excuses of time, work, responsibilities find their way into these equations frequently but a different aspect is to use your motivations like a dry oak kindling wood that can stoke a smoldering fire into a raging furnace.  Listen to yourself and find the channels of priority to help you achieve your goals.  Do not only search for your path but blaze your path out.  Many times you will find a much more efficient root to where you want to be.



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