Runners High


     This photo is a couple years dated but my motivation is not.  Today, I decided to skip lunch and hit the asphalt for a little cardio.  Andrea Bocelli blasting operatic harmony in the headphones, I began my trek.  Quickly deciding to attempt to reach a landmark about 2.5 miles away I started the stopwatch on my $7 Casio watch.  Down the road I found that zen where your worries and stresses melt away like a Salvador Dali clock.  Images of friends, new acquaintances, upcoming adventures into my current passions exposed a side of me I haven’t hit before as I naturally picked up my pace. Pose running in an old pair of Merrill minimalist shoes, each strike of the ball of my foot seemed lighter.  I kept my head down in my natural contemplation posture, thinking slow and relishing an image and then speeding up to a different subject my subconscious wanted to pull up from the depths; I hit my target landmark.  I realized my breathing was deep yet controlled and the ache in my legs was more motivational then a detriment to my will, I made a decision to press on.  I decided to put off my past idea of a relaxing walk back to the start point of this trek and attempt to make it back at a running pace.

     Out of water, I soon realized that this 2.5 mile half leg wasn’t going to be as smooth as the first… I dug back into the depths of my psyche.  I thought about arriving back home and seeing my family and catching back up with my amazing friends.  I thought about the adventure I have decided to push towards in September; taking my passion to create mobile apps seriously enough to invest time and income into accomplishing what I have stumbled over for a decade.  I thought about a new acquaintance and what could be in store in the future unknown. Push by push, I found that I was speeding up yet again and attacking the undulating terrain harder on the uphills.  “I’m totally going to pull this off”, I thought to myself retreating above subconscious depths for a moment to relish in this personal record distance. 

     I reached my start point in an all out sprint and smiled while sucking air through the spaces in my teeth.  I had done it.  I had run constantly and with a pace I could be proud of for nearly 5.5 miles in a time of 52:45.  I had found a runner’s high.  

     Life is a whirlwind of emotions and activities but I have learned the importance of putting life’s vast library of subjects on hold to get away and contemplate without agenda.  To allow your subconscious an outlet while you are awake to delve into your mental files and openly sift into random event logs.  Your life and body still press on while your mental state can be exercised in a therapeutic fashion.

     We all can break mental boundaries without realizing we are setting ourselves up to achieve milestones.  Without stress and worries building the wall higher and higher, we can find enthusiasm in just how attainable our hidden goals really are when we simply decide to allow events to occur.

     Relish in the fact that you can achieve greatness by merely allowing your body to do what it wants to without the mental wall casting a shadow over your will.  We do not always need to endure.  We can also elevate.



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