A mere Flutter from a Butter can Sting like a Bee

A mere flutter from the congruent wings of a butterfly can topple kingdoms and dynasties alike.  It’s amazing what can be harbored within a person by the actions of another.  I have made a great reconnection recently with a childhood friend and as we reminisced on past delights, a troubling memory came up.  A memory I had no recollection of as it was not something I deemed important enough to catalog.  This memory however lingered in the other party and has festered a film of disheartenment.  As the memory was brought up, it dawned on me that I had personally hurt a friend due to what I had said so many years ago.  To me, this flutter was nothing to take in but the repercussions of my words had plastered a negative blotch on another’s past.  It brings a lesson to the forefront for me.

We do not always know the effects of our actions on another person so we must tread lightly and think cautiously.

For the mere flutter of a butter can sting like a bee

     I hope my apologetic words now can help manage the pain I gave to you so long ago.



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