Your choices make someone elses

Today was a bit of a downer sort of day. There’s no specific reason and honestly there are more reasons for me to feel joyful than the latter. I come home in just over 3 weeks, I have a new adventure ahead of me, and an amazing family and friends looking forward to catch up with me. Yet, I was down today. However a couple hours ago made a difference.

I watched this video that someone shared on FB today and couldn’t help but continue to watch it over and over. Veiling my sombre face to hide my tears from co-workers eyes, I couldn’t help but feel bittersweet from this Thai commercial.

We live our days among a million others. To be alive this very day is something incredible. How many choices have brought you to this very moment? How many gifts have you received along the way? We may seclude ourselves into a small bubble of familiarity for comfort and safety yet, there are millions of others that share the gift of another day with you. Embrace this fact.

I was walking home from work today as I always do and was asked twice by drivers passing by if I would like a ride. I smiled to them and said “No thank you but thank you very much for offering”. I like my walk home. It’s therapeutic and it is a time for me to be within my thoughts after being surrounded by others all day. But it got me to thinking… I have been asked many times by the same people day in and out if I would like a ride instead of walking. This is the virtue within this video’s message and it warmed my heart when I thought deeper into its message.

Your choices are many and their effects are cascading. For you may not see the effect of your choice, an effect is still occurring. Our choices create connections to others and things. These choices have both positive and negative effects throughout. Think about the choices you make on a daily basis and ask yourself if you are making positive ones. There’s no telling what your choices can do for another. It could be an entire life hanging in the balance. Spread affection towards others and reach out a hand to them. Your hand extends into the life of another and their hand will extend even further.

We make our lives 1 choice at a time and although there may be no way for you to see the difference, sometimes you very well may and the emotions you will receive from that are priceless. Show love.

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it.



Ready … Set … IMAGINE



     Today was a big day… Google Glass was available for purchase but for 24 HOURS ONLY.  Being the tech gadget lover that I am, I stewed long and on the idea of owning the new tech.  With immense research on the product, I decided I just couldn’t live without them.  Today I couldn’t help but give myself the ability to concentrate on the possibilities that Google Glass brought to the table so I decided to skip lunch and go on the “Long” run today… So to the (guard) shack and back I went.  

     With the imaginative juices flowing like the Yellowstone Old Faithful Geyser, the Inception Movie soundtrack blasting through my auditory canals, I went to work without distraction.  I must’ve conjured 100 ideas within the 51:57 5-mile timeframe while my brain was traveling at Warp 9.  I came up with games, functional uses, business need utilizations, marketing schemes, social networking additions, military integration uses, entrepreneurial advantages, human productivity increase’rs, traveler functionalities, and a plethora of other uses.  Google Glass brings forward a whole new market to the consumer and WORLD at that.  

     Imagine the idea of staring up at the night sky and the Google Glass connecting the dots of constellations or tracking the very run I was currently undertaking, showing me visually if I was on pace with my last run.  Imagine using hand gestures to control the phone in your pocket and with the movement of a finger, charging the digital bungie that was about to launch those angry angry birdies over to some unsuspecting pigs.  Imagine looking at a math problem and the glass presenting the answer, or looking onto the magnificent NYC Big Apple skyline from the top of the Empire State Building and detailed descriptions of the buildings in the landscape expanding.  Imagine walking through an art museum and instantaneous information appearing right in your eyes on Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa or Salvador Dali’s Hallucinogenic Toreador.  Imagine walking up to a stranger in another country and having a conversation with them by the Google Glass presenting their native tongue in English on your glass and your words appearing in their native language on their glass without falter.

     Our minds are incredibly powerful and everyday you have imagination flowing.  Harness the power of your dreams and find your passions’ in life.  What excites you?  What do you think about while you are sitting at your cubicle or taking the heavily trafficked drive to work?  Your imagination is your co-pilot to self value and realization.  Its the swiss army knife for your entire thought process.  Take advantage of this gift and stray from squandering or burying it due to fear of others judgements.  Speak your thoughts and voice your ideas.  Everyone has an inherit want to be happy, not just content and if you find yourself with a blank mental canvas on what makes you happy, excites you, inspires you, intrigues you, and motivates you; allow that natural mental elixir of imagination to pour it’s magical spirit into your consciousness.  You will find delight in what comes of it.  Unhappiness is a choice.  The veil of discontent can shroud us from an entire world of wonder that lies before us.  Take chances and push back against naysayers by choosing who to and not to let into your world.  You will find others in the same mind frame once you choose to include them.

     We are each a lemming in a world of lemmings with unique thoughts, outlooks and inspirations, yet we all share 1 commonality; an imagination that can be elevated and listened to.  An imagination that paints the picture of who you are.  It takes no guide to simply THINK.  Breakdown the barriers you have built up to protect your creativity from judgement and you will find that the world you lived is much more vast than you thought it was yesterday.  Happy dreaming!


Motivation spawns the Reverberation for Inspiration


     Today I woke up excited for the day.  This has been happening a little more lately due to deciding to push towards attaining my passions.  4am and that old time Metal Gear Solid ringtone chimed letting me know it was time to work a job I didn’t care much for while also reminding me that the day was anew and there was more programming to learn.  My job is what woke me yet my motivation is what drove me up on 2 legs.  

     Coming into work I was motivated to do what I wanted to do, study Objective-C coding.  My morning ritual at work doesn’t hit that passion very well as I have other duties to attend to and others relying on those tasks being completed so they can complete their duties.  Motivation however took hold… and found a way.  As my brain started putting the day’s tasks in order, it also was working dutifully to find a more efficient way to reach completion.  2 steps ahead of every turn, I developed a better means to get from point A to point B and pushed hard as I knew the reward was my time to work on things I cared for dearly.  Shockingly I found an extra hour just for ME.  The trick was though, I was stuck in a vehicle and not in the office. Hmmm…  “Okay ramped up mind, what’s shall we do about that”.

     I turned the car into a mobile studio/classroom.  With an iPad in my lap and a Macbook on the center console, the Inception Movie soundtrack whimsically sailing me into the horizon, I found my CHI.  With no one around and my resources in front of me, I pressed on with my coding lessons.  Today I made a mental breakthrough with something called Pointers in C code.  This had been a task plaguing me for days and somehow in that little Hong Kong built van, the neural bridge that was needed to make cognitive connections from 1 point to another was completed and my synapses were firing at a warp 11 rate, a steady stream of electrical pulses that put 1 and 1 together and made 2.  “I have it!”, I said out loud but unable to hear due to the loud classical tune rattling my eardrums and rendering them fully occupied.  The day was starting off on a good foot and it followed in suit all the way through.

     Our motivations can be a strong force.  They can push us past fake limits that we thought were real.  Motivation has a unique way of finding a way.  The reverberation of this phenomenon may elevate other areas of need in order to find the time and peace to tackle tasks we were brewing up to begin with.  Do not let tasks get in the way of what you really want.  Let the motivation to undertake an activity help route the pathway to that starting line.  “I want to do this so I must use this motivation to will other elements into their needed order to obtain that which I wanted to begin with.”  Excuses of time, work, responsibilities find their way into these equations frequently but a different aspect is to use your motivations like a dry oak kindling wood that can stoke a smoldering fire into a raging furnace.  Listen to yourself and find the channels of priority to help you achieve your goals.  Do not only search for your path but blaze your path out.  Many times you will find a much more efficient root to where you want to be.


Runners High


     This photo is a couple years dated but my motivation is not.  Today, I decided to skip lunch and hit the asphalt for a little cardio.  Andrea Bocelli blasting operatic harmony in the headphones, I began my trek.  Quickly deciding to attempt to reach a landmark about 2.5 miles away I started the stopwatch on my $7 Casio watch.  Down the road I found that zen where your worries and stresses melt away like a Salvador Dali clock.  Images of friends, new acquaintances, upcoming adventures into my current passions exposed a side of me I haven’t hit before as I naturally picked up my pace. Pose running in an old pair of Merrill minimalist shoes, each strike of the ball of my foot seemed lighter.  I kept my head down in my natural contemplation posture, thinking slow and relishing an image and then speeding up to a different subject my subconscious wanted to pull up from the depths; I hit my target landmark.  I realized my breathing was deep yet controlled and the ache in my legs was more motivational then a detriment to my will, I made a decision to press on.  I decided to put off my past idea of a relaxing walk back to the start point of this trek and attempt to make it back at a running pace.

     Out of water, I soon realized that this 2.5 mile half leg wasn’t going to be as smooth as the first… I dug back into the depths of my psyche.  I thought about arriving back home and seeing my family and catching back up with my amazing friends.  I thought about the adventure I have decided to push towards in September; taking my passion to create mobile apps seriously enough to invest time and income into accomplishing what I have stumbled over for a decade.  I thought about a new acquaintance and what could be in store in the future unknown. Push by push, I found that I was speeding up yet again and attacking the undulating terrain harder on the uphills.  “I’m totally going to pull this off”, I thought to myself retreating above subconscious depths for a moment to relish in this personal record distance. 

     I reached my start point in an all out sprint and smiled while sucking air through the spaces in my teeth.  I had done it.  I had run constantly and with a pace I could be proud of for nearly 5.5 miles in a time of 52:45.  I had found a runner’s high.  

     Life is a whirlwind of emotions and activities but I have learned the importance of putting life’s vast library of subjects on hold to get away and contemplate without agenda.  To allow your subconscious an outlet while you are awake to delve into your mental files and openly sift into random event logs.  Your life and body still press on while your mental state can be exercised in a therapeutic fashion.

     We all can break mental boundaries without realizing we are setting ourselves up to achieve milestones.  Without stress and worries building the wall higher and higher, we can find enthusiasm in just how attainable our hidden goals really are when we simply decide to allow events to occur.

     Relish in the fact that you can achieve greatness by merely allowing your body to do what it wants to without the mental wall casting a shadow over your will.  We do not always need to endure.  We can also elevate.


A mere Flutter from a Butter can Sting like a Bee

A mere flutter from the congruent wings of a butterfly can topple kingdoms and dynasties alike.  It’s amazing what can be harbored within a person by the actions of another.  I have made a great reconnection recently with a childhood friend and as we reminisced on past delights, a troubling memory came up.  A memory I had no recollection of as it was not something I deemed important enough to catalog.  This memory however lingered in the other party and has festered a film of disheartenment.  As the memory was brought up, it dawned on me that I had personally hurt a friend due to what I had said so many years ago.  To me, this flutter was nothing to take in but the repercussions of my words had plastered a negative blotch on another’s past.  It brings a lesson to the forefront for me.

We do not always know the effects of our actions on another person so we must tread lightly and think cautiously.

For the mere flutter of a butter can sting like a bee

     I hope my apologetic words now can help manage the pain I gave to you so long ago.